Our Company

Creating innovative products and supplements to help mothers during the early stages of child rearing.

Stronger Mothers


Fortisleto is the combination of Fortis, latin for courageous, brave, steadfast, or pure physical strength. Leto, the greek goddess of motherhood.

Having experienced firsthand the challenges of first time motherhood we hope to make products and provide knowledge to new mothers having the same issues.

These are products we have tried, or know others that have tried, to solve certain problems. Having our own set of twins, the need to have extra milk on hand was important. We were provided with a hospital grade pump which worked well for a few months. Yet as our twins began getting older, we needed to figure out how to keep up milk supply and tend the childrens needs. Enter our exploration with Wearable Silicone Pumps. Once we found a quality wearable pump we switched from the hospital pump, to the new wearable pump, which we also sell.

Knowing the struggles of motherhood, and struggling to find the right answers we started Fortisleto with the following principles in mind.

We sell high quality products we ourselves would use and provide the firsthand knowledge we have found that works. A mother should be stronger after leaving our website.

We cant reiterate this vision enough, "Stronger mothers. Stronger Children.". If you cannot get stronger as a mother, how can you hope to help your child?

Making you a Stronger Mother

Often the simplest solutions are the best. Knowledge, like "Herbal remedies like Fennel Seed Extract may help improve prolactin levels". Simple tips like this, we believe, will improve your ability to provide what your baby needs.

Then lastly there is technology that we hope to provide to help augment your abilities as a mother, making what you do more effecient. We will slowly be releasing these products and other Herbal Supplements, which you can find on our Product page.